Some medical facts everyone should know – 1

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Some medical facts you should know about - 1 Not all of us liked biology in school but there's no denying that human body [...]

Everyone Above the Age of 35 Should Go for Full Body Checkups

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When you’re in your 20s, you’re active and fit. However, things start going downhill once you cross your thirties. Now that’s mostly because of [...]

Healthy Lifestyle as You Age

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With times one thing surely surfaces, wrinkles, but with that people who mature with broader wings are your children for whom you gave no heed to those folds of your skin. And as a parent when you see them gleaming with pride and happiness for being successful, you let them fly higher enjoying the peaks of success and looking for newer peaks. Whilst all this what is at a low ebb is your health. […]

Safeguarding your Elders

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When parents bring-in a baby they arrange their home to be sure of the safety of the child. Similarly when elders are around there are certain safety measures or arrangements that need to be done in order to avert any medical adversities. It is inevitable in the plain sight that with age their body gets frail, they suffer from degenerative diseases in which at time a part of the body might be affected.Loss of vision, arthritis, gout, memory loss is very typical and common of old age. Such ailments at times can lead to sudden accidents at home. Therefore, as a child it is your duty to provide your parents with a home that is conducive for free and safe movements. Fall or slipping, though common; but many times are not given the requisite heed. Fall or sudden black out due to unknown ailments, an effect or downside of the ongoing medication can lead to fatal injuries. […]

Healthy Aging – Some Interesting Myths and Half Truths About the Elderly

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Parent’s Health Care Week Continues. After an excellent response to our first interview with Dr. Suresh Kumar Chaturvedi on the best ways to prevent debilitating ailments in the elderly; we spoke to Dr. Rajendra Kumar Jha on ways in which senior citizens, especially those who have retired from public life, be inspired to age healthy and keep their spirits high. […]

Preventive Health Care Packages for Controlling Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis can be a debilitating lifestyle disease. It can restrict your movement and can cause a great deal of physical discomfort. However, the preventive healthcare packages offered by UberHealth you would exactly the guidance, treatment and the constant monitoring you need to prevent osteoporosis. […]

Preventive Health Care Suggestions for Avoiding Cholesterol Based Ailments

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Cholesterol is fat/lipid that’s produced by the liver and one needs it at normal levels to ensure the optimum functioning of the body. However, high levels of cholesterol can lead to hyper tension, heart attacks and variety of other cardiovascular ailments. Thus it’s very important to keep ones cholesterol levels in check. Senior citizens who are the most risk can turn to preventive healthcare packages in order to successfully manage and maintain their cholesterol levels. […]