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Perks of having a CareBuddy

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Ten Quick Tips About Senior Care

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“Uberification” of Home Healthcare !

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What after 60…?

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Seizenso – Prefunerals

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How Can We Help You?

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Doctor- Patient Relationship

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Keeping elderly parents busy….

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UberHealth is Expanding!!

Care is knocking at your door! We are filled with gratitude for the love we have received and thrilled to announce our new endeavors. [...]

Care Buddy Experiences-2

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Care Buddy Experiences-1

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This Holiday Season…Recall India

“…At Christmas, tea is compulsory. Relatives are optional…” wrote Robert Godden in his Tea Story. We would like to add tea is compulsory, relatives [...]

Four Golden Rules at Choosing the Ideal Home Care Providers for your Parents

You could be a busy workaholic NRI with aged parents based in your hometown or a confused single family member caring for your mother who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s condition; there can be en number of complicated reasons as to why you need a temporary or full time home care provider for your loved ones. […]

Living Away from Your Parents – Consider Hiring an Elderly Caregiver

Guest Post: Alankrita Srivastava Living and working away from your aged parents can make it quite difficult for you to keep a tab on their health and well-being. The fact of the matter is often we simply tend to drift away from our parents, and geographical distances and challenging work commitments do play a part helping mentally excusing ourselves from our parents lives. […]

Top Three Signs that Your Parents Need Elderly Care Support

Guest Post: Alankrita Srivastava It is estimated that by the next decade the senior citizen population in India and elsewhere is going to increase double fold. This implies that taking care of our aged parents and recognizing their silent plea for help is going to be be our prime concern in the coming future. […]

Common Queries regarding In-home Elderly Healthcare Staff

Life is hard at times, you have to make decisions which overwhelm you. Like, when you’re aged relative is no longer able to live an independent existence due to advancing age, the choice to get them the best possible care through a care taking firm, is tough yet unavoidable. […]

Top Six Ways to Prevent Dementia

Has there been time when your lovely parents or grand-parents ransacked the house for their lost wallet or purse, later found in their pocket or hands? Or have lost their spectacles that are perched in-tact on their head? Sure, they are telltale signs of aging indeed, a ubiquitous fact which with aging become every day scenarios. But one needs to know that though it is a part of normal aging but at times can be signals of ailments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. […]

Healthy Lifestyle as You Age

With times one thing surely surfaces, wrinkles, but with that people who mature with broader wings are your children for whom you gave no heed to those folds of your skin. And as a parent when you see them gleaming with pride and happiness for being successful, you let them fly higher enjoying the peaks of success and looking for newer peaks. Whilst all this what is at a low ebb is your health. […]

Safeguarding your Elders

When parents bring-in a baby they arrange their home to be sure of the safety of the child. Similarly when elders are around there are certain safety measures or arrangements that need to be done in order to avert any medical adversities. It is inevitable in the plain sight that with age their body gets frail, they suffer from degenerative diseases in which at time a part of the body might be affected.Loss of vision, arthritis, gout, memory loss is very typical and common of old age. Such ailments at times can lead to sudden accidents at home. Therefore, as a child it is your duty to provide your parents with a home that is conducive for free and safe movements. Fall or slipping, though common; but many times are not given the requisite heed. Fall or sudden black out due to unknown ailments, an effect or downside of the ongoing medication can lead to fatal injuries. […]

Graceful and joyful Old Age

Old age is not a stage of life but gradual progression in life, which certainly does not imply that health is at the low ebb. It is a notion in people’s mind which mostly is embedded by the society that after certain age people play no significant roles. People certainly come in terms with it, they either go in their shell or overzealous with their routine, aging gracefully is a rare phenomenon. Belief that old dog can never learn old tricks make the old people lull, leading to adverse effects on health. It is a known fact that lack of activity and nutrition leads to obesity. As per the studies often depression is part of the geriatric lifestyle than to the youth. In these conditions they stop giving heed to their health and nutrition. Thereby, leading to other degenerative ailments such as arthritis, hypertension, low blood pressure, cardiac problems which require them to take medicines or tranquilizers, that are rarely though, but are addictive. […]

Preventive Healthcare Packages for Delhi-based NRIs’ Parents

Undoubtedly senior citizens comprises if not major but marginal size of our population, with this fact another concerning subject that comes in to the picture is that this population somewhere is a snag in terms of economy and advancement. As, they are economically either dependent or constraint. With age comes a fear of flaring up, to safeguard one’s elders from any ailment is everyone’s desire. But since old people are prone to diseases and private hospital facilities are obscenely high and at times becomes infeasible to keep a track of their health, it is a subject of worry. It turns into a snowball if one is not near to his/her parent in such distress time. However,  for such children who are million miles away, here is a news that would take the burden off your chest. […]

Privileges for NRIs Parents at Delhi Network Hospitals

Avail these salubrious services at Fortis in Delhi, which are served even at the other networked hospitals. All the hospitals under Fortis healthcare network have an online open system that provides them with an access to patient’s data. […]

How to Select a Suitable Visitor Medical Insurance Policy for Parents

While the liberalization of the global, insurance business has opened up markets for stiff competition and competitive pricing. The trend has also made it both convenient and confusing for an average consumer to narrow down a choice of product or service. The modern insurance buyer has to be more familiar and conversant with available types of insurance policies and specific plans to make a good decision. […]

Buying Visitor Medical Insurance Policy for Your Parents

As an NRI settled in the USA, if you plan to have your aged parents over for a visit from India, then one of the first things you have to think about is an appropriate visitor medical insurance policy to cover their stay period in the US. […]

Healthy Aging – Some Interesting Myths and Half Truths About the Elderly

Parent’s Health Care Week Continues. After an excellent response to our first interview with Dr. Suresh Kumar Chaturvedi on the best ways to prevent debilitating ailments in the elderly; we spoke to Dr. Rajendra Kumar Jha on ways in which senior citizens, especially those who have retired from public life, be inspired to age healthy and keep their spirits high. […]

The Five Most Common Ailments that Affect Senior Citizens

The men and women well over 60 may be considered “senior citizens” for the purpose of medical welfare, although many of them may be apparently fit. In the context of healthcare facilities, people of this age range may be more predisposed to requiring healthcare services than others. […]

UberHealth’s Preventive HealthCare Survey

Hi Friends, This short Survey by UberHealth has been designed in order to better understand what NRI’s and those living away from their parents desire from a preventive healthcare package for senior citizens.  […]

Preventive Health Care Suggestions for Avoiding Cholesterol Based Ailments

Cholesterol is fat/lipid that’s produced by the liver and one needs it at normal levels to ensure the optimum functioning of the body. However, high levels of cholesterol can lead to hyper tension, heart attacks and variety of other cardiovascular ailments. Thus it’s very important to keep ones cholesterol levels in check. Senior citizens who are the most risk can turn to preventive healthcare packages in order to successfully manage and maintain their cholesterol levels. […]